About Us

Who are The Savsters?

Savsters was founded by two sisters, Stephanie and Aileen Velazquez and are located in Los Angeles, CA. The name Savsters came from our initials combined and the ending of siSTERS. We have been calling ourselves The Savsters for years now, around 10 years. It was a nickname we gave ourselves and has grown so much meaning throughout these years. We started off with a YouTube channel where we would do vlogs, challenges, haul videos. But we always knew that we wanted to start something together with the name Savsters. During the Pandemic Aileen started sewing Face Masks for our family and would post about them on her social media. We noticed the high demand and so we got straight to work. We had no idea what we were doing but we knew that we were going to figure it out together. Two years later, we have grown together tremendously with our business. And it’s all thanks to YOU. We would not be here without the people who have supported us along the way. Thank YOU for allowing us to build something together and to allow us to follow our dreams. This is only the beginning and we hope you join the ride!


April 2020

Savsters.com launched selling handmade Face masks! We sold out and were making face masks tirelessly for months. So grateful for that season, it motivated us to keep going!

August 2020

Savsters relaunched in August of 2020 to sell women’s clothing and accessories. Phew! It has been such a journey since then! We had no clue what we were doing lol. But we were having so much fun! The amount of pieces we have brought in since then, just wow!


November 2020

Our first BlackFriday! Omg for some reason, this one was emotional for us. Once again, we had no clue what we were doing lol. We felt intimidated by all the other brands who were doing Black Friday SO big. We were at thanksgiving dinner getting ready to eat at midnight (if you’re Hispanic you can probably relate lol) and we had to step into another room so that we can launch our Black Friday Sale. We both cried and said a prayer before and hoped for the best. The turn out was amazing, thanks to all of YOU and the relief we felt was unexplainable. We were so grateful and it was such a beautiful feeling. 

March 2021

Our first ever pop up that was hosted by CNA Republic. Such an amazing experience. The amount of people that came out and showed us love. Just WOW.   Once again ya’ll showed up and came through for us! We were so appreciative and just in awe the whole time. We didn’t even have a POS system! We had no clue how to do in person sales at the time! We were checking people out on our website!! So crazy lol. Since then we have grown and became more organized. We can do it with our eyes closed now haha. We have done the Rosebowl Flea Market, Patches and Pins, and many more! We enjoy doing pop ups SO much because we get to connect with all of you and we get to meet so many new faces. Ya’ll really are our besties and we hope we give you that vibe!

Present Day

Two years later, and Savsters has got to where it is today. Still two sisters working towards their dream. Thanks to all of you, we have been able to make it this far. Our family, friends, all of you and God, are the reason we keep going. Savsters means so much to us and we hope you got to learn a little more about us!